E-vignette How it works
Thanks to the Winietomat.pl service, you can easily and simply register your license plates online for all motorways and expressways that require a vignette in Europe. You can easily buy an electronic vignette at home before setting off on a trip or spontaneously while driving, using a smartphone, before entering the motorway.
Note: never enter the motorway before receiving the electronic, written toll registration confirmation. The mere payment and ordering of the service is not tantamount to registration in the video monitoring system.
Practical: thanks to the electronic vignette (e-vignette), you no longer have to make a detour to buy a self-adhesive vignette and stick it on the windshield of your car. Instead, you pay the toll online on the website and enter your registration number as well as the country in which you have your vehicle registered.
The toll is automatically checked by a video surveillance system, multi-camera technology that monitors the highway to match the license plate number as you drive through – without your knowledge with the database of registered vehicles entitled to use motorways, tunnels and mountain passes, i.e. sectional tolls.
  • no registration user
  • without logging in
  • we do not collect unnecessary personal data
  • little time spent, simple, easy and fast
  • we do not track on the user's site
  • immediate activation after the payment has been cleared, max. 30 minutes
  • e-vignette directly on mobile phone , smartphone etc.
  • secure payment online e-vignette, with many payment methods and combinations
  • VAT invoice for e-vignette
  • collective VAT invoice for e-vignettes for transport and logistics companies
  • vignette wallet , a unique solution for users of many highway tolls

What is an e-vignette?   I think it is already known. We invite you to register your e-vignette yourself.